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Find The Best Vacation Rental Markets With Ease

These are the same data tools we use to find properties and analyze potential revenue for Short-term rental private placement funds and Reg A fractional STR companies. However, this tool should only be bought by individuals looking to run high-profit STRs. If you aren’t willing to invest in design, look into funds willing to handle everything for you or property sourcing companies.

Gross Revenue Table

At STVR Data we provide the most accurate short-term rental statitics in the market by using data from the top supplier. We then pull relevant data to provide both the median and average rental income for individual zip codes based on a listing bedrooms.

This is the same gross revenue table that we use to find our own vacation rentals that we purchase for our investment company. We successfully find hidden gem markets with above-average returns. Check out our sample video.

Export Airbnb Comps

This tool retrieves the export of all location comparables. The excel file contains the following information for comps: Airbnb ID, Name, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Beds, Nightly Rate, Avg Occupancy, Property Type, Reviews, and Nights Booked. This allows you to calculate the Airbnb income for each comp to evaluate potential STR properties.

Airbnb Performance

This tool retrieves an Airbnb listing estimated rental income, nights booked, calculated occupancy rate, Airbnb name, and Airbnb link.

Airbnb Performance

Area Revenue Stats

This tool retrieves the revenue and occupancy statistics in a city or zip code. Includes occupancy and revenue for the following categories: Average, Median, Max, 95 Percentile, 90 Percentile, 80 Percentile, 20 Percentile, 10 Percentile, and 5 Percentile.

Airbnb Calculator

This tool retrieves the estimated revenue, occupancy, nightly rate, and property value if available.

Airbnb Calculator

The user understands our tools are deemed reliable but not guaranteed. STVRdata makes absolutely no guarantees on returns or income. User should do their own due diligence and verify all data before making a purchasing decision. The user understands that these are educational tools only. We, therefore, accept no liability arising from any reliance made by any user or person to whom this information is made available. Please use these tools at your own discretion and use caution always before buying any real estate investment.

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